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Corina Benner

Founder and director of Wake Up Yoga, Corina wholeheartedly believes that the ancient practice of yoga perfectly complements our modern pursuit of vibrant health, personal fulfillment, harmonious relationships, and spiritual enrichment. Viewing asana practice as an entry-point to self-study, Corina weaves the tenets of yoga philosophy into her teaching, inspiring students to discover how this age-old practice remains relevant today in their own lives.

What inspired you to open Wake Up Yoga back in 2002?

Creating community has always been my primary objective. I wanted to create a place where everyone feels accepted, embraced, and has a sense of belonging. I wanted to create a sanctuary in which people can take off their armor of defensiveness, learn to be kind to themselves, feel safe being kind to others, discover their true priorities, and dare to live their lives with authenticity, integrity, and tremendous joy. I wanted to create the space for people to attend to their greatest gifts: true health and vitality, on all levels of being.

What makes Wake Up Yoga different?

Wake Up Yoga is incredibly warm and welcoming. Creating this magical space may be the very best thing I ever do with my life. Everyone is welcome. All of our teachers train at Wake Up Yoga, so there is a unifying subtext. Our teachers use intelligent sequencing, effective language, supportive props, and encouragement to make the practice accessible to everyone present. The classes often have a philosophical theme to create a context for the practice, and there is no sense of competition. And still each teacher has her/his own voice and passion for the practice, so the classes have their own unique flavor.

Do you have a teaching philosophy?

Yoga is not about accomplishing poses, but everything you learn about yourself along the way. We know that children learn life lessons through play; I believe adults can learn life lessons through yoga practice.

I am motivated by a pursuit of truth and a wish to impart curiosity about things we could so easily take for granted — like having a body and being alive. I seek to inspire students to discover their boundless potential and live their lives on purpose.


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You may have tried a yoga class once or twice or even be completely new to yoga. Our practice welcomes all experience levels from beginning to advanced. Drop in for a single class and get acquainted with our studios, try a new student special two-week unlimited, or for a progressive approach, sign up for our signature Beginner Series tailored specifically for those new to the practice.

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