Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training Continuing Education

with Eleanor Bramwell

Friday, Aug. 24 - Sunday, Sep. 16

Our evidence and inquiry-based training weave together the latest advances in the neurobiology of trauma, lecture, practice teaching, and group discussion. Learn how trauma survivors can heal through their bodies, tools to support system regulation, body awareness, and feel prepared to offer trauma-informed yoga classes to a variety of populations. This training is led by Eleanor Bramwell of the BodyWise Foundation.

Program highlights: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what trauma is.

  • Explore the latest advances in neurobiology.

  • Learn how trauma impacts the sensorimotor system, processing information, brain development, and the nervous system.

  • Learn to identify trauma symptoms.

  • Learn tools to support system regulation, body awareness, and communication.

  • Through practicum, feel empowered to offer trauma-informed yoga classes.

  • Apply yoga as a body based tool for healing trauma.