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Tracy Phoenix

Tracy is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher originally trained at Wake Up Yoga under the guidance of Corina Benner and Jill Manning. As a full-time teacher, Tracy has learned from some of the greatest teachers in the world including Seane Corn, Rodney Yee, Dana Trixie Flynn, and Kino MacGregor. She's actively involved in yoga curriculum and furthered her studies in Yin Yoga, Tantric Traditions, Ayurveda, as well as her continued work toward her second degree in Kinesiology driven by her fascination with body and breath. Tracy's classes create a sanctuary for students to explore their breath and body, through creative sequencing and precise yet practical technical instruction. Her goal is to help students create space and strength in their unique body — regardless of age, ability, or physical condition — and feel balanced, renewed, and inspired. When she's not teaching, Tracy is studying spiritual philosophy from Thich Nhat Hanh to Michael Bernard Beckwith, refining her own practices for longevity and sharing her joy and humor with those around her. 

What causes do you support?

I support the SPCA because of my love for animals. I donate my time twice a week talking to the kitties (and sometimes a random turtle too), and placing blessings over all of them (including the dogs) for their loving homes to come.

What’s most interesting about you that people might not otherwise know?

I love nature and spend lots of time in the elements, which is why I moved back to Philadelphia from Florida, so I can embrace the change in the seasons. In nature, I find inspiration to teach from the light.

What is the most meaningful lesson that yoga has taught you?

The most meaningful lesson I've learned is that I am enough.

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