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Stephanie Rubinetti

Stephanie first began practicing yoga in 2010. She was seeking a peaceful, safe atmosphere, totally free of judgment where she could explore just being without the pressure to be more, be better, or be the best. She immediately felt at home at Wake Up Yoga and connected with the community vibe and her teachers' offerings. Stephanie also noticed measurable improvements in her health, both physically and emotionally, and she felt an overall sense of "okay-ness" that she attributes to her consistent yoga practice. Wanting to share the healing benefits of yoga with others, she completed the 250 Foundational Yoga Teacher Training program at Wake Up Yoga in 2017. Stephanie teaches gentle flow yoga, where she guides students in their own exploration and development of their yoga practice. Recognizing that yoga is a practice, she encourages students to "be where they are," and invites them to embrace the feeling of self-acceptance, while cultivating kindness and compassion towards the self.

Where can you be found in your free time?

You can often find me looking for an empty basketball court so I can shoot hoops alone, in my basement making clothing, or by a river journaling things I'm grateful for. Sometimes, you can find me in one of the city's public pools or dancing in front of the mirror to something obscure like nobody is watching.

Where are your favorite (secret) places in Philadelphia?

I have a secret spot in the Navy Yard that is along the river, behind some parked cars, and next to a broken down tugboat called Rebel. There's a space to roll out my yoga mat and either practice, nap, or have a yoga mat picnic. It's very peaceful there! I even get to watch low-flying planes about to land passing overhead.  

What is the most meaningful lesson that yoga has taught you?

Yoga taught me that it's okay to fumble and mess up on the mat and in life — because it's a practice. You keep doing it. You cannot truly be perfect, but you are most certainly enough.

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