Wake Up Yoga


Sonni Schwartzbach

Fourteen years of practicing yoga has convinced Sonni that awareness of the breath and body can greatly enhance whatever you are doing in life, by building resilience and joy into the very cells of your body. In 2016, Sonni graduated from Wake Up Yoga’s 25- hour Foundational Teacher Training program under the nurturing guidance of Corina Benner, Felicia Graham Comisar, Laura Edoff, and Stephanie Berliner. She completed a 20-hour training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in 2016 and received her Yin Yoga certification in 2017. Her classes, infused with live music, are slow yet steady with emphasis on the breath and present moment sensations. She believes that yoga poses can and should be suited to the practitioner, rather than conforming the body to suit an idealized version of a pose.

What is the most meaningful lesson that yoga has taught you?

So many lessons! But here's the biggest thing I've learned: In life, there is no avoiding displeasure, uneasiness, or discomfort. Practicing yoga has taught me that all experience, whether "good" or "bad," deserves to be met with breath, openness, and your purest strength.

Where can you be found in your free time?

I perform frequently in the city — I am a vocalist and guitarist as well as songwriter. Usually my free time is devoted to practicing those crafts...or watching Netflix and snacking!

What music do you enjoy most?

Music is the best most awesome-est stuff of the earth... I love anything with soul. Most recently, my favorites have been Hiatus Kaiyote, Lianne Lahavas, Son Little, Solange, and Anderson Paak.

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