Wake Up Yoga


Sarah Butler

Sarah began practicing yoga in 2009 as a way to complement her other athletic endeavors of lifting and running. Seeking to deepen her practice, Sarah completed the 250-hour Foundational Vinyasa Teacher Training at Wake Up Yoga in 2018. Beyond its physical benefits, yoga has helped her be more present and calm in her daily life, and she hopes to share these benefits and her love of movement with others.

Do you have a "day job"?

I work as a digital project manager. I love the brand design part of the work because of the creativity it allows me to express.

Where can you be found in your free time?

I can be found at CrossFit in my free time. I love lifting and really think that yoga complements it well. Yoga is also super important to help prevent injury.

Where was your most memorable travel destination?

I traveled for a year and worked remotely, so it's hard to pick just one! That said, I would have to choose Istanbul because the culture is so interesting, and there are a lot of different places to explore.

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