Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Continuing Education

with Felicia Graham Comisar and Vanessa Jackson

friday, may 31 - sunday, june 2

Taught by Felicia Graham Comisar and assisted by Vanessa Jackson, this training adds to the established teacher’s tool bag. This program gives you the information and tools needed to teach restorative yoga, a gentle practice that creates the space and conditions for students to access their wisdom physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Restorative yoga is a practice using supported poses to relax on multiple levels to release tension and to tap into our body’s natural healing and restoring abilities. This training will impact the way you teach other types of yoga and your own personal practice.

In this training, learn: 

  • The science behind the feelings and experiences of being alive.

  • The function and importance of a soft deep breath.

  • Basic poses that can be adapted to different bodies and emotional states.

  • To teach students to connect with their body, emotions, and thoughts.