Wake Up Yoga


Patrice Seko

Patrice became a certified yoga teacher in 2015 and is trained in vinyasa, yin, restorative, prenatal, and kid’s yoga. She is honored to hold space for people from all walks of life, especially beginners, as they connect with their body through movement and breath. Although her classes include elements of traditional vinyasa flows, she loves to infuse supportive yin or sweet restorative shapes to match the mood of the room or season. She invites students to stay curious, awaken their inner teacher, and encourages them to find feel-good movement and mindfulness all throughout their days, not just on the mat. Patrice is grateful beyond words to be both a student and teacher of yoga in the warm and loving Wake Up community.

What’s your motivation for teaching yoga?

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, I want to empower others to explore the ancient gifts of the practice that can support them throughout their lives: strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection, listening to their intuition, developing potent self-care techniques, meditating on the meaning and purpose in life, and learning how to love.

What excites you about teaching?

I enjoy the creative process of teaching. Everyone comes to the mat with different needs and abilities, so I get excited about guiding all levels of yogis through an exploration of movement that often feels like a curious and fun choose-your-own adventure experience.

What music do you enjoy most?

If you’ve been to my classes, you know how much I love a carefully crafted playlist! Music strikes a deep cord in my creative soul. Although I am drawn to many different artists and genres, you can almost always find me jamming in my car to oldies music from the 60s.

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