Wake Up Yoga


Nicole Rogers

Nicole has been a private pilates teacher for almost 15 years working to understand and lessen people’s aches and pains by prioritizing neutral posture. She first came to the mat seeking a personal practice, more comfort in her body, and some peace of mind. In 2013, she completed her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) training at Wake Up Yoga. Her weekly class focuses on posture, balance, breath, and gentle flexibility.  She also teaches anatomy for  Wake Up Yoga's Foundational Teacher Training.

What excites you about teaching yoga?

I love making yoga accessible to more people and helping them understand the link between breath, mind, and body.

What makes Wake Up Yoga different?

The teachers and students at Wake Up Yoga are like nowhere else. It's a special community that is open and connected. And the practice spaces are beautiful.

What do you love most about Philadelphia?

I love how compact Center City is and how you can walk just about anywhere. Philadelphia is full of secret gems, too. One of my favorites is the Tiffany glass mosaic in the Curtis Center. 

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