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Maggie Ludwig

Maggie Ludwig has been happily practicing yoga for over fifteen years. She studied dance, dance/movement therapy, Laban Movement Analysis, Barteneiff Fundamentals, and various other types of bodywork before earning her 250-hour Vinyasa Yoga certification in 2016 from Wake Up Yoga. Since then, she has also received training in Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Kids. In addition to teaching at several studios and gyms in Philadelphia, Maggie also teaches dance and movement classes for children with special needs. Maggie’s interests in yoga include working with families and kids, as well as physical and mental strength building, openness, mindfulness, and awareness.  

What is the most meaningful lesson that yoga has taught you?

Growing up as a dancer, I always felt like I needed to be the best — like I needed to lift my legs higher and straighter than everyone else, jump higher than everyone else, etc. This grew into obsessive comparison to others in all facets of my life. When I started studying yoga seriously, in a room without mirrors, I became able to turn inward and realize that we are all on our own individual journey. What works for someone does not necessarily work for me. I started to truly be okay with this for the first time in my life, and that lesson has translated into so many other parts of my life. Thanks, yoga!

Do you have a "day job"?

I teach a dance class every week for children who have special needs. I've had some of my students for five years now, and it's been amazing watching them grow as dancers and movers. They are truly an inspiration to me — they are open to learning anything and everything! And of course, we often do yoga together in class.

What do you love most about Wake Up Yoga?

I love Wake Up Yoga's spirit. It's a truly unique and special community. It is one of genuine acceptance, kindness, and so much inspiration!

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