Wake Up Yoga


Laura Edoff

Wake Up Yoga teacher and studio manager, Laura began practicing yoga in 2008 and completed her 200-hour Vinyasa and 30-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2012, teaching full-time since. Along with vinyasa, Laura teaches the Beginners Series levels 1–3. After 200 hours of studying yoga therapy with Marlysa Sullivan and the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies, Laura is a Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy candidate at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Laura’s teaching of the asana is grounded in the importance of alignment, muscular engagement, and present moment sensation. Her sequencing is creative and complex, with an easy going approach, encouraging students to listen to their bodies and meeting the practice where they are that day.

Where are you from originally?

I'm originally from Denver, Colorado. I came to Philadelphia to study theater performance at Temple University.

Where can you be found in your free time?

Currently, I spend my time studying to be a yoga therapist either down in Maryland at MUIH (Maryland University of Integrative Health) or writing papers and reading books on my couch in Kensington. 

What’s your motivation for teaching?

Most days I feel like a medium sharing these ancient teachings through my own experiences practicing them. It's the one thing that always makes sense: The way the body moves and engages; the vital shift that the breath and meditation create in the mind.

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