Wake Up Yoga


Kiran Matsko

Kiran has been teaching Yin and Vinyasa yoga since 2012, after practicing both styles since 2000. Kiran was drawn to yoga as a way to de-stress from student life but found much more as she began to deepen her practice — increased flexibility, a clearer mind, and wonderful personal connections to other students. Kiran spent months exploring yoga throughout India, where she visited ashrams and temples and practiced often at Integral Yoga Institute, Coimbatore, and Samyak Yoga, Kerala. She believes there is a type of yoga practice for nearly everyone, and that the breathing exercises, physical movements, and inward reflection are beneficial to all. Her classes offer an opportunity for students to explore their perceived boundaries and space to find mental and physical strength.

Where can you be found in your free time?

In addition to being a passionate yogi, I am an avid runner having completed many races from sprints to marathons. I also enjoy hiking, biking, long walks on the beach, and seeing live music of every variety. I love cooking, reading, and writing, too. 

What causes do you support?

My work in the legal field keeps me busy most days, but I find time to volunteer as Board President of the Philly AIDS Thrift, a nonprofit that collects unwanted clothing and other items to sell at our thrift store. The money earned there is dispersed among various AIDS/HIV organizations in Philadelphia. The patients and their families are incredibly thankful, and it's an extra bonus to give "unwanted" items a new home too!

Where was your most memorable travel destination?

Definitely India. I've spent months traveling throughout the country, visited ashrams and temples. I also have family there, but most relevant, India is where I decided to become a yoga teacher.

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