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Kate Howell

Kate is a certified yoga teacher with eight years of teaching experience specializing in all levels of vinyasa (flow) yoga, beginner level instruction, and prenatal/postpartum yoga. Coming from a background in physical theatre, Kate offers an experiential understanding of the relationship between breath and movement and is particularly inspired by the integration of ritual, spirituality, and the body as experienced in the practice of yoga asana. A mother of two and doula-in-training, Kate finds deep fulfillment in supporting expectant mothers through the life-changing journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Her prenatal yoga classes are founded in a firm belief that through the practice of yoga, we learn to breathe into and beyond discomfort, move past perceived limitations, and ultimately awaken dormant stores of patience, courage, and strength we never knew we had. Her training and certifications include: Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Corina Benner at Wake Up Yoga (2010), Yin Yoga Teacher Certification with Corina Benner at Wake Up Yoga (2012), Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Jacci Gruninger of Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts (2014), Birth Doula Training with Beth Goldberg of Birth Arts International (2015), and Advanced Trainings with Yoganand Michael Carroll of the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts and Marlysa Sullivan of the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies (2012-2018).

What excites you about teaching yoga?

I love the ritual of it... the breath-body connection, the practice as an embodied prayer, a pilgrimage that brings us closer to the holy land that is the center of our being with every measured breath.

Where was your most memorable travel destination?

In 2005, I spent a month studying Balinese dance and shadow puppetry in Bali. I attended temple ceremonies that extended all night and into the wee hours of the morning, I walked around without a cell phone, and I danced every day. The complete immersion into the spirituality, creativity, and pure love of that place made a huge impact on me.

Where can you be found in your free time?

When I'm not teaching yoga, I'm adventuring with my young two kids, Silas and Cleo. We cover a lot of ground in the East Passyunk neighborhood. Some of our hot spots are Columbus Park, the East Passyunk Fountain, the South Philly Library and DiSilvestro Playground, and Benna's West. If you see us around, stop and say "hello!"

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