Wake Up Yoga


Jen May

Jen trained in the Philadelphia area at Wake Up Yoga's 250-hour Foundational Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2018 and Blue Banyan's 100-hour Immersion in 2016. When she first discovered yoga in college, she noticed right away some pretty amazing effects of the practice: a calm alertness, stress relief, and loosening of chronically tight muscles. Fifteen years later, those same benefits draw her in on a daily basis, and she is inspired to keep learning as she realizes that the tools of yoga can be implemented every day, with every challenge. In Jen's classes, as in life generally, she seeks balance. Intentional breathing to release tension and soothe the nervous system is combined with a strength-building physical challenge. 

Do you have a favorite podcast?

I listen to a ton of podcasts. NPR's All Song's Considered has been a staple for probably ten years. I feel like Bob Boilen is my cool uncle giving me good music recommendations. 

What causes do you support?

I support local food! I love our CSA, Henry Got Crops, in Roxborough. I bring my two daughters to the farm, and we get the most beautiful, delicious produce and pick things like lavender, flowers, and cherry tomatoes. 

Are you a cat or dog person?

I love cats, especially giving them kisses in the soft spot behind their ears. After a lifetime of wanting a cat, I finally got two after college. My old girl, Joni, is still with us, and she loves waking me up in the morning by my licking my face and meowing for food. 

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