Wake Up Yoga


Felicia Comisar

Felicia is grateful for the magic of yoga. She started practicing in 2000 and noticed an immediate improvement in wellbeing and happiness. She attended her first class in hopes of increasing her strength isometrically and to her surprise became aware of an increased ability to be present, less angry, and enjoy life. She also noticed that teachers who had trained at Wake Up Yoga were creative, nurturing, and grounded in an understanding of the fundamentals of yoga. She received her foundational yoga teacher training with Corina Benner, Victoria Ladd, and Julie Pogochefsky at Wake Up Yoga in 2010. Felicia believes that a thoughtful vinyasa practice is a marvelous way to connect with our own strength and flexibility. Linking breath and movement, and consciously being present with all that arises, can open our eyes and hearts to our own grace and dignity. Felicia continued her teacher training with Corina Benner's Yin Yoga teacher training in 2010, Karen Safire's Restorative Yoga teacher training in 2012, and Jillian Pransky's Level II Restorative Yoga teacher training in 2016. Felicia is honored to help teach the foundational Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Wake Up Yoga with Corina Benner. She is grateful for the support of Vanessa Jackson Barton in offering Restorative Yoga Teacher training at Wake Up Yoga.

What do you love most about Wake Up Yoga?

I love Wake Up Yoga! It is the glorious fruition and evolution of Corina's dreams and endless energy, effort, and love; of all the sweat, sighs, and tears of the students; of all the OMs we've chanted together. It is my hOMe in so many special ways.

What's your family like?

I'm part of a blended family here in Philadelphia. My husband Craig and I, along with his first wife and her second husband, are raising three kids in two different houses. Friday nights we all light the Shabbat candles and sing the blessings of gratitude for light, wine, and bread. On any given night, there could be any number of kids at our house. I love the flexibility of our family and our genuine love and respect for each other's unique contribution to our family.

What do you savor most in your life?

I love to travel. I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Europe and an American city every year due to my husband's professional conferences. This year we are traveling through northern Spain, southern France, and Andorra before his conference in Montreaux, Switzerland. I love exploring new cultures through food, art, music, and walking around cities. America is so young! 

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