Wake Up Yoga


Elliot Polinsky

Elliot began to practice yoga regularly because he felt lovely each time he did and wanted to see where yoga would take him. He completed his Foundational Teacher Training at Wake Up Yoga and is about finished with his 500-hour certification in therapeutically-oriented yoga with the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies. Elliot has been practicing yoga for over seven years and teaching for four. His classes offer students real space for personal exploration, while at the same time encouraging everyone to safely play with and perhaps extend their comfort zones. He is inspired to teach by the belief that yoga offers actual good and ultimately hopes that his students find not only physical balance and depth but also a meaningful connection with themselves and the world.

Do you have a "day job"?

I am fortunate to call yoga my day job, though I am also a photographer, and I love to combine the two. In my photography, I like to convey what I see in the world with as much nuance as possible.

What's the most interesting place you’ve ever lived?

Paris. It's such a gorgeous city; the people there move in a way that is totally different from Philly. I got to roam around that place for three months while babysitting and working on writing. 

What’s most interesting about you that people might not otherwise know?

I like to dabble in music and mostly play tenor sax.

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