Wake Up Yoga


Elisa Cecola

Elisa started out slowly receiving her Yin Yoga Certification from Corina Benner and Restorative Yoga from Karen Safire in 2014. She received her Foundational Teacher Training from Corina in 2015. She received additional certifications in Restorative and Yin Yoga with Felicia Graham Comisar to refresh her teaching and perspective. For Elisa, yoga is a lifeline. It offers focus, stability, and balance. Elisa also teaches "meditative art," and for a short while, opened a studio in 2017 that combined her two loves, yoga and art.

What do you love most about Wake Up Yoga?

What I love about Wake Up Yoga is its ability to just be. Wake Up Yoga just is. It is not trying to be anything other than itself. Wake Up Yoga has grown and bloomed into its own identity. I think students are very comfortable at Wake Up Yoga and can also just be themselves.

Where are your favorite (secret) places in Philadelphia?

I am a cafe dweller, so I am always on the lookout for a new experience in coffee culture. I have a secret passion of popping into churches, something I discovered while living in NYC, an escape into peace and quiet. I started to bring my camera with me and photograph churches — their architecture and serene qualities. I often grab my camera and walk, taking myself out for 'an artist date' — a lesson from the Artists Way — to capture whatever catches my eye. I go once a year to the top of William Penn, something I encourage everyone to do. Philadelphia unfolds itself before you like a piece of paper. It is magnificent. I also love walking tours of Philly, eating up the history and architecture.

What’s most interesting about you that people might not otherwise know?

I started my own cosmetics company exclusively for makeup artists and ended up in the music industry, hence, the company name Beauty and the Beat. I pursued bands to name products after them and then donated proceeds to a charity of their choice. I don't know if it was the most interesting thing about me, but it was a pretty cool time in my life.


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