Wake Up Yoga


Bernie Malin

Although Bernie had practiced yoga for years, it was her sister, a former yoga teacher, who changed her life with a yoga certificate for Wake Up Yoga. Once she crossed the doorway, there was no going back. Bernie obtained both Yin and Vinyasa certifications under the tutelage of Corina Benner and continues with numerous trainings when time avails. Bernie's classes are a reminder of simple joys like laughing at ourselves (right and left can be hard) and not taking ourselves so seriously, while offering opportunities to challenge yourself. She is continually inspired by every "new and old friend" she meets as they walk through the front door.

Are you a cat or dog person?

Now, it's cats. I have three rescue cats who let me live in my home. I had a dog for 18 years who my dad rescued from the SPCA and gave me as a puppy . It was the last gift I received from my beloved father.

What’s surprising about you that people might not otherwise know?

I worked as an usherette at the Spectrum for eight years. I learned all about sports and met players from the Sixers and Flyers, as well as tennis, boxing, and wrestling. To this day, it's the music and the musicians I saw, though, that make me smile. 

What do you love most about Wake Up Yoga?

I love the warm and welcoming community for all who come to Wake Up Yoga. I adore my relationships with teachers and fellow students. I firmly believe that it is in giving that we receive. Just as I have received the attention and benefits of mindful, loving instruction, my focus is to share that with others and help them to awaken their own gifts.

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