Wake Up Yoga


Ashley Rathman

After dabbling in yoga for a few years, Ashley began a consistent practice in 2013 when she moved to Philadelphia. Discovering a sought-after sense of community and contentment at her local studio, she decided to deepen her practice and completed Wake Up Yoga's 250-hour Foundational Teacher Training Program under the guidance of Corina Benner in 2017. She is deeply grateful to all her mentors along the path. Ashley’s classes start out slow and sweet, settling into the breath and body first and then building heat, strength, and endurance. Ashley hopes to instill a sense of calm and confidence on the mat by meeting students exactly where they are in their practice and then encouraging them to find their edges with curiosity and compassion. 

Do you have a "day job"?

I teach middle school science. The kids are amazing. I love their sense of wonder and excitement!

Are you a cat or dog person?

Dog person! I'm obsessed with my pitbull/boxer mix, Rosie. 

What is your favorite (secret) place in Philadelphia?

John Heinz Wildlife Refuge — excellent for escaping the hustle and bustle and great for grounding. There's nothing like a good walk through nature to clear the mind. 

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