Wake Up Yoga


Arlene Hamilton

Arlene has practiced yoga for over ten years, starting a regular Astanga practice in 2003 after relocating to the U.S. from London. She practiced Vinyasa and various flavors of yoga regularly in Summit County, Colorado for several years to help balance an active outdoor lifestyle and travel hectic corporate job. After relocating to Philadelphia in 2015, Arlene found the Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse studio as it opened its doors. She loved everything about Wake Up Yoga’s community and teaching. She graduated from the 250-hour Vinyasa Yoga Foundational Teacher Training program in 2017. Arlene discovered new depths to the physical and spiritual practice under the skillful, loving guidance of her teachers Corina Benner, Felicia Graham Comisar, Laura Edoff, Stephanie Berliner, and mentor Anna Henderer. Most recently, Arlene completed Corina Benner’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program at Wake Up Yoga in 2017.

What excites you about yoga?

I believe yoga has very tangible health benefits and is a beautiful pathway to help people from all walks of life reconnect their mind, body, and spirit. I delight in helping guide practice by creating a safe, mindful, and playful environment. 

What’s your motivation for teaching yoga?

I hope to help students remember how amazing their bodies are, and that practicing yoga can empower them on and off the mat. Or as Vera Rubin says “...you are made of star stuff. You are connected to the universe.”  

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