Wake Up Yoga


Angela Jubinville

Angela has been practicing yoga since 2004. She completed her 250-hour teacher training program at Wake Up Yoga in 2017 and has been teaching since April 2017. Angela is passionate about helping others realize their most authentic selves, on and off the mat. She meets students where they’re at, encouraging them to challenge their edges with curiosity and compassion.

What is the most meaningful lesson that yoga has taught you?

The importance of cultivating awareness without judgement. The mind judges experience. It uses judgment to create stories that explain and organize our experience. Yoga reminds me to experience, to stop and listen, to inspect with curiosity instead of immediately creating a story.

How do you express your creativity?

I express my creativity anyway I can. Creativity is a core value of mine. I see myself as a problem solver, and I see problem-solving as an opportunity to be creative. Practicing and teaching yoga is a chance for me to be creative. I love music and art. I love to sing and am always trying to drag my friends out for karaoke. I express my creativity through cooking too. I see living life as an expression of my creative energies!

What's the most interesting place you’ve ever lived?

When I was at undergrad, I lived abroad in Kolkata, India for five months! It was a truly life changing experience. Being in Kolkata was the first time I'd ever ridden on a public bus, the subway, or taken a taxi! It's the largest city I've ever lived in.

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