Wake Up Yoga


Alane Goldberg

Wake Up Yoga teacher and studio administrator, Alane met yoga back in 2006. Initially picking up yoga practice as a hobby, yoga soon became so much more. Drawn by the quality of teaching and warm community, Alane completed her foundational teacher training at Wake Up Yoga under the guidance of Corina Benner and Jill Manning in 2009. She studied Restorative Yoga with Karen Safire in fall 2011 and completed a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Jacci Gruninger in December 2014. Alane's classes are grounded and foundational, rooted in the breath and a curiosity about the present moment. Alane finds this style of practice a necessary respite from the complexity and hectic pace of life.

What is the most meaningful lesson that yoga has taught you? 

Yoga is *still* teaching me to slow down and notice.

Where was your most memorable travel destination?

I spent ten days alone in St. Petersburg, Russia a while ago. I loved the solitude and adventure of being on my own in a new place.

What do you love most about Wake Up Yoga?

I love the community, the warmth, and the simplicity of Wake Up Yoga.

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