Wake Up Yoga


Aisha Shabazz

As a trained high school athlete and leisure endurance runner, Aisha was first introduced to yoga as a physical practice in 2009. However, it wasn't until 2013 in graduate school that she took to yoga for its physical and emotional transformational possibilities. Deepening her practice, Aisha completed the Wake Up Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in 2018 as a means to not only share her passion for yoga but also help people access their own individual body in a way that increases their overall well-being. When teaching yoga, Aisha holds the value of seeing the individual first, remaining in the present moment, and cultivating a space for safe exploration.  

What excites you about teaching yoga?

I love having the opportunity to cultivate a space filled with non-judgment, acceptance, and exploration.

What is the most meaningful lesson that yoga has taught you?

There are too many to count! But one that I think of daily is that practicing yoga on and off the mat is one of the kindest ways to practice love towards yourself and others. 

Where was your most memorable travel destination?

Puerto Rico — exploring the island with a great group of friends from Pittsburgh. The food, the people, the dancing, the rainforest — everything was just perfect. Also memorable was the time I lived in Germany; it's a stunning country with very kind people and beautiful festivals.

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